Promoting Quality care for children in Quebec & encouraging ongoing professional development within the field.

A History of Our Association

In May 1985 a group of Directors of daycare centers and preschools began meeting to discuss challenges and different aspects of their role. They met through their affiliation with the Association of Early Childhood Educators (AECE).

In April 1986 an official sub-committee of the Association of Early Childhood Educators (AECE) was formed and it was known as the “Child Care Administrators Committee”.

On June 15th 1987, the criteria for membership were established and the first elections took place creating the first Board of Directors of the “CCAC”.

In December 1987 the CCAC began looking into forming an independent group from the AECE and in January 1988 becoming an incorporated association was investigated.

A proposed draft for association By-Laws were presented to the members in March 1988 and two possible names for the new association were discussed. They were: “The Association of Early Childhood Education Administrators” OR “The Association of Early Childhood Education”.

In April 1988, a new name was chosen. It was the “Quebec Association of Early Childhood Education Centers”. On July 29, 1988 we became officially incorporated and our new name chosen, after much deliberation and discussion was the “Quebec Association for Pre-school Professional Development” aka the QAPPD.

Our first Annual General Meeting of the QAPPD was held on November 30, 1988, and in February 1989 the design of our logo with the two hands was approved by all.

The QAPPD continued to grow and flourish. Over the course of the years, the QAPPD has always maintained its mission to support early childhood care center directors through their day to day challenges and also by providing professional development opportunities.

We are a strong, proud, competent, hard-working and dedicated group of professionals that will continue to strive for excellence in the early childhood education field while continuing to enhance and expand our own competencies along the way.

The journey continues…………….