The Quebec Association for Pre-School Professional Development (QAPPD) is a non-for-profit association of leaders in the field of childhood care and education.

As an Association, we believe it is our responsibility, to conduct ourselves at all times in a way that will bring credit to our Association and the ECE profession.
Recognizing that the Association is a vital link in the process, we govern ourselves as follows, not limited to:

  1. Maintaining the ethical standards of the QAPPD to most effectively and safely serve our children, their parents, and the ECE profession in accordance with our Mission and Vision statements.
  2. Commit to providing quality child care to our children and their families.
  3. Support the policies and programs of our Association with integrity and treat all contents of the meetings with confidentiality.
  4. Represent the QAPPD with pride at all times.

Professionalism and respect

Members are to conduct themselves as professionals and in a respectful manner at all QAPPD events, (i.e. monthly meetings, workshops, AGM, etc.). For example, everyone is expected to maintain confidentiality, not speak out of turn or in an abusive manner, etc.

During meetings and special events

QAPPD members or guests in attendance (employees or colleagues of represented centers) are expected to recognize that every member has a right to be heard. As such, lengthy personal agendas are inappropriate for these venues.


In the spirit of maintaining a safe and open environment at meetings or events where QAPPD members can ask questions, seek or give information, verbal or written, it is understood that this information, as well as, the membership list is not to be shared with the MF, parents, the board of directors, employees, prospective vendors, without the explicit consent of the person giving the information.

Documents that are sold by the QAPPD cannot be passed on or copied.

It is the responsibility of every QAPPD member to remain confidential, however, if a situation arises where a QAPPD member should feel uncomfortable with any said information for whatever reason (fact or perceived) the QAPPD member can write or verbally express their thoughts to a member of the Board of Directors of the Association.
QAPPD discourages conversations that involve hearsay, slander, defamation, verbal injury, meddling, back-fence talk, airing dirty laundry, malicious talk, campaigning for hidden agendas.

The Board of Directors will issue a written warning to the QAPPD member(s) and then remove membership if a member(s) continues to engage in inappropriate unprofessional behaviour.

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