Annual General Assembly 2021

Start time: 9:33am
End time: 9:52am

Present: 19 people present –Luisa Iglio, Hallie Moyse, Anita Bartha, Kim Menna, Tanya Kusiewicz, Randy Zucker, Lorraine Montpetit, Shoshana Neuer, Franca Pietromanaco, Melanie Mammarella, Sonia Cohen, Sara Moriano, Josie Gemma, Kelly Bray, Stephen Moneit, Jackie Kelly, Chelsea Shulnick, Andria Mallozzi, Antoniette Colasurdo, Lisa Comerford, Danna Burges, Sara Kramer


  1. Approval of Previous Minutes – June 5th, 2020
    Waive to read minutes, approved Tanya Kusiewicz, seconded Sara Moriano
  2. President’s Report
    Luisa presents her annual President’s report – Gave a reflection on the past year and how we were faced with many challenges and how we have worked together to support each other as members.
    (Please see below for complete report).
  3. Notice to Reader 2020-2021 presented by Stephen Moneit
    Presented the finances for the fiscal year.
    QAPPD finances are in good standing, used some of our surplus to revamp of our website, offered additional workshops for our members and continued
  4. Election –re-submitting (Hallie, Anita, Athena)
    Lorrie moves and seconds by Lisa
  5. Adjournment

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