Minutes 2020-2021

June 11, 2021

Start time: 9:53am
End time: 11:00am

Present: 19 people present –Luisa Iglio, Hallie Moyse, Anita Bartha, Kim Menna, Tanya Kusiewicz, Randy Zucker, Lorraine Montpetit, Shoshana Neuer, Franca Pietromanaco, Melanie Mammarella, Sonia Cohen, Sara Moriano, Josie Gemma, Kelly Bray, Stephen Moneit, Jackie Kelly, Chelsea Shulnick, Andria Mallozzi, Antoniette Colasurdo, Lisa Comerford, Danna Burges, Sara Kramer, Nancy Pellerin, Demi Frantzeskakes, Chelsea Sculnick.


  1. MF news:
    • Date of filing year-end report has been pushed back by 3 months
    • Rapport d’activité is due by June 30th
    • Covid update -Masks are not obligatory as of June 14th, 2021
    • Survey for salaries is obligatory – add to your Internal Board minutes
  2. Covid:
    • Bulletin from MF says that masks are not mandatory as of June 14th, 2021as well as additional lessening of restrictions.
    • Red and orange zones: CNESST requires mask wearing, we can be fined up to 6k.
    • Yellow zones – staff can remove masks as per the MF bulletin.
    • Vaccination is not mandatory and we cannot enforce the staff to get vaccinated. Some staff are nervous to get vaccinated.
    • Discussion about vaccination – labor law, employer policies, etc.it would be to wait until further news and laws set by government.
    • As employers, we also have to be very careful about asking personal questions to our staff regarding getting vaccinated.
    • Policies may be implemented to request for more frequent testing to ensure that the non-vaccinated are negative Covid.
    • CPE cannot enforce families to vaccinate anyone as well.
    • CPE policies – Families need to continue to be vigilant and respect the Covid procedures. For example, if a family is getting tested for Covid they must stay home – entire family must not come to daycare until they receive negative results.
    • Rapid testing – not recommended for young children. Danna will send supporting documentation.
  3. Professional development:
    • June 23rd: CPE Shalom to join us for our end of the year picnic in the park for re-connecting at the end of the year.
    • Give feedback for the upcoming year – what would be topics for educators to give a kick start to the year.
  4. Varia:
    • Josie Gemma: Vacation for children
      Look into bringing some change to see what we can do about children getting a vacation. She would like to organize a is committee for – Children’s Vacations: they deserve a vacation too. Look at research and other associations over the next year to see what is the history and moving forward for children and them getting a break based on research and facts.
    • Josies Gemma: is taking on the new position at the new CPE for the Jewish General Hospital – new facility 80 spaces! Congratulations!! She asked if anyone is willing to offer their seasoned staff to go to help her start up the new CPE for a new challenge for a short period of time.
    • Andria Mallozzi: 64 CPE daycare downtown is closing, Andria as well as other members have received calls from Mf to see if they would be willing to take over the CPE.
    • Antoniette: transparent masks: provincial government who does all the purchasing of PPE will be receiving sample masks to give feedback on which masks are better. Antonietta will be suggesting to the government to stop sending us masks rather to allow for the money to be sent to the CPE’s so that we can purchase the masks we like and need, as well as to use the money for training for language acquisition, i.e. sign language skills.

Respectfully submitted by: Athena Xenos, secretary

March 11, 2021

12:30-1:00 PEER SUPPORT

  1. MF News
      2019-2020 acceptance of RFA

      • Verify your clic sequr to ensure that you have no discrepancies in your subsidies.
    • Annexe 2
      • Holiday closures Reminder that by March 1st for the upcoming fiscal year send in Annexe 2 for days closed, 30 days prior to the start of the new fiscal year beginning April 1st. The MF considers the official day of closure the day after the holiday except unless indicated otherwise. A resolution and the annexe must be sent together. Include the date and the name of the holiday. At times, our individual MF agent may not require it however it is good practice. Send a hard copy in the mail in blue ink and one by email pdf.
    • Santé -Publique /Pandemic Information
      • Bulletin of February 25th sent by MF. Daisy contacted santé publique to ensure that the bulletin was in lines with their communications. It was concluded that the bulletin from the MF and santé publique were not reflective of each other. Right now there will be updates coming as to the measures for evaluating and sending children home for isolation, testing, etc.
      • When you have to close your center due to closures of classrooms due to Covid, parents are to pay the first day the classroom that is closed and then are to be reimbursed for the following days when you are instructed by Santé publique to close the classrooms/daycare. You will still receive subsidy you need to indicate the reimbursements must be indicated on attendance. Staff are also paid and once they receive a negative test they can return to work – up to you if you want to move them to work in another classroom.
      • New variants are more present in daycares; schools are most probably going to have more measures. We will receive more information and public health will give us directives. Daycare workers may be considered to be at higher risk therefore we might be placed higher on the chain to receive the vaccine.
      • Call santé publique and they will calculate the days for you.
    • Professional Development/upcoming events
      • The retreat taking part on March 23rd, we have 28 participants registered.
        • Agenda for future meetings are uploaded on the website
        • April 13th is our next regular members meeting
        • April 30th – Date will be moved: Greek Easter Friday
      • Part 2 – Having a pulse on your center.

          May 11th – regular meeting

        • June 11th – General Assembly
      • Treasurer report
      • News from the Board

2:00-3:00 WORKSHOP

    Member discussion “Having a pulse on your center”
    (part I) – Moderator Athena Xenos

Submitted by: Athena Xenos

February 26, 2021
  1. F News
    • Directives from MF come periodically.
  2. Santé -Publique /Pandemic Information
    • New directives were sent out, members shared procedures and steps to take with testing and possible cases within our Center’s was discussed.
  3. Professional Development events
    • Educators annual conference:
      99 participants, expenses were speakers, organizers, delegate gifts. Conference went well, feedback was that participants enjoyed the information and special touches such as the gifts.
    • Presenters were good and feedback was helpful to educators, especially during the pandemic stresses.
    • March 11th NEXT members meeting. One of our colleagues will be sharing a difficult experienced as the after meeting discussions.
    • Retreat- Exiting opportunity TUESDAY MARCH 23rd

      Workplace mental Health Leadership workshop
      Certification workshop from QUEENS
      University – Health, psychology, leadership departments and can further build connections with Morneau Shapelle. Great opportunity for employer training. One-day workshop from 9-5 and then the following Modules need to be followed on your own time to complete the certification.
      Module 1, Module 2, Module 3 plus a short test to become certified.
      $300 for top level Professional development opportunity.

    • 25 spaces available and there will be a deadline to register, non-refundable opportunity.
  4. News from the Board
    • Website

      The website is up and running, it is important that everyone visit the website and get familiar with it. In the coming months it will be the go to for all QAPPD information.

    • Association des Cadres des CPE

      Athena has become a member of the association des Cadres des CPE and she will be the liason officer for the QAPPD. The Association des cadres offers many services for the Association such as legal advice, HR, administrative issues that you need support with. Members can contact Athena by phone or email and she can offer assistance by contacting the Association des Cadres for information on a topic you may need information on.

    • Judith Lidvack is resigning, Suzie Kiddie mentioned that she has sent out a link to send a message to Judith.


Information meeting with the MF; Covid and its impact on end of the yr report and additional information. CPA ordre des comptables workshop

Respectfully submitted: Athena Xenos, secretary

January 15, 2021
    1. Agenda is modified for today’s meeting. Website launch will be done at our Friday Jan.29th meeting.
      • Stephen Moneit from BDO will now present a workshop at our Feb.26th meeting. He will be attending a MF meeting with other auditors and will be able to bring back important information to us.
    2. MF NEWS:
      • Bulletin sent out last week Natalie will send the English one today.
      • Natalie attended a meeting with MF and INSPQ : new criteria for COVID-19 symptoms and protocols to follow is being prepared. They stressed the importance of doing the daily survey. Although not compulsory, it is a way for them to have a more accurate read on COVID-19 cases in daycares. Daisy and Natalie will be sending the members reminders from now on. It was also mentioned to use the comment box to report or ask question specifically to your center.
      • Inspections and CLASS evaluations will continue.
      • Parent daycare fees increased Jan.2021.
      • Adjustment re: administrative salary scales should be completed.
      • the discussion of the vaccine and our legal rights if a staff member does not want to be vaccinated was discussed. As it is unprecedented, we asked and are waiting for more information from a lawyer to be prepared when having a discussion with your staff.
      • Thankyou to those who joined us at our holiday luncheon. It was nice despite it being difference.
      • Conference brochure and registration forms have been sent out.
        Important to note: 3 zoom links will be sent to the center for each delegate registered; 1 for the am session; 1 for lunch and 1 for the pm. Make sure you are using the updated version of zoom. When in zoom, the name of the participant must be the same as on the registration form to be allowed to join. (to change a name place cursor on your photo, go to the 3 dots beside mute and It will give you that option).
      • Option 1 and 2 although it reads as all day can stand alone so you can register for am in one option and pm in a different option. More details to follow feel free to contact a board member with any questions. Revised calendar of events will be sent out soon.
      • Everyone has been working hard to continue planning for the rest of the year. Its fun to see everyone regularly and motivating to have different inputs collaborating so well.
      • Anita presented a simple update on the QAPPD finances. We are healthy due to having minimal expenses like hotel and meals. $34,272.00 is the balance to date. We have been able to provide a lot of workshops, especially in November, free of charge. We are also offering Conference at a discounted rate. Anita has been working well with Stephen throughout the year.

Respectfully submitted by Luisa

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