Resource Manuals

The following resource manuals are currently available only in English. They are the property of the QAPPD and are available for sale. Shipping costs are included in the prices, all of which are in Canadian funds. Personal checks are not accepted. Payment via company check or money order is acceptable. Each publication is available on CD in the form of a .pdf file. 

In order to successfully receive your order, please complete this form and remit it with your payment to QAPPD 2890 Notre Dame street Lachine, Que. H8S 2H1. Your order will be shipped once your form and payment are received.


$250.00 shipping included.

The Business Continuity Plan is a living document that is intended to serve as the centralized repository for the information, tasks, and procedures that would be necessary to facilitate your child care center’s management’s decision-making process and its timely response to any disruptive or extended interruption of business operations and services.  


$200.00 shipping included.

The SOUND MANAGEMENT PRACTICES manual is available to us as a center’s self-evaluation tool, in the hopes of identifying missing rules, protocols and policies. Once all phases of the evaluation are reviewed including such domains as financial responsibilities and communication practices, the administration will be able to identify areas of weakness, thus enabling the creation and modification of rules, protocols and policies in accordance with the sound management requirements.


$50.00 shipping included

This compilation enables Early Childhood Administrators better navigate “The System” in and around Montreal. It contains an alphabetical list in order of the type of service being offered (i.e. Income & Financial Assistance, and Special Needs Education, etc.). The list is then divided alphabetically by the name of the  service provider.  You may notice the repetition of certain names / companies throughout this  guide. This was done intentionally as the service provider offers expertise in multiple areas.

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